Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are on TLC -- Kelly Clarkson


Last night launched the new season of Who Do You Think You Are? now on TLC.

In the premier episode we follow singer Kelly Clarkson as she traces the life of her 3x Great-Grandfather Isiah Rose.

Kelly first sits down with her mother, who has been tracing their family roots, so Kelly can get an idea of who/where to start.  She focuses on her 3x Great-Grandfather Isiah Rose.

We follow Kelly as she discovers Isiah was a 2x civil war enlisty, who during his second enlistment is captured at the Battle of Decatur and is held prisoner at the awful Andersonville Prison Camp.

While meeting with the Park Ranger for Andersonville, she discovers Isiah escaped while being transferred to a prison in Savannah only to be shot by a fellow union soldier as he returned to his regiment.

Kelly later finds Isiah became a senetor for Ohio and worked to get a Temperance Bill passed only to fail in a reelection.

Kelly then makes her way to the final resting place of Isaih and discovers many other Rose ancestors in the same cemetery.

At the close of Kelly's journey she returns to Nashville to meet with her mother and share all she has learned about Isiah Rose.

While I enjoyed the adventure and road of discover Kelly went on, Kelly herself drove me crazy!!  At times she seemed very immature such as upon finding the gravesite of Isiah she says "What's Up?"  To me very juevinile.

I am eager to see next weeks episode featuring Christina Applegate.

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  1. I agree. She sounded like a hyper 16 year old who lacked tact. She didn't know when to be somber and when to be gleeful. Instead, she chose gleeful as her default emotion. Upon hearing that her ancestor had been shot, she sounded like that was the best news in the world. She showed her ignorance when she sounded amazed that her mother had heard of Andersonville. I think her celebrity-personna has taken over her common sense. She made me cringe numerous times when I was watching the show. Now Christine Applegate's story was so much more impressive. I was very touched by her reaction and her compassion.