Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Night Fun

Join Randy at Genea-Musing for some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Here's tonights assignment:
1)  Sunday, 16 June, is Father's Day.  Let's celebrate by writing a blog post about our Father, or another significant male ancestor (e.g., a grandfather).

2)  What are three things about your father (or significant male ancestor) that you vividly remember about him?

3)  Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post.

Since my Dad passed away when I was a baby and I have no memories of him, I've decided to write about my maternal Grandfather.

My Grandfather was Bartley Roger Bestor (1921-2007)born in Kankakee Illinois.  He was the only child of Don Bestor and Harriet Cyrier.  He married Virginia Stanley in 1945 in Florida and they had six children; five daughters and one son. He died in Sun City Arizona surrounded by his family.

Three things I vividly remember about my Grandpa are:

1.) His passion for photography.  He loved spending his days out in nature taking magnificent pictures of animals, tree's and the outdoors.  After his passing my Grandmother gave me two of hi prints he had entered into a photo contest..both winning first place ribbons.

2.) His pride about his family.  At the time my grandfather passed away he had 6 children, 19 Grandchildren and 9 Great-Grandchildren.  Being an only child himself, he loved how his family had grown and being surrounded by his "broad" as he called us, brought a smile to his face.

3.) His sense of humor.  My Grandfather loved to laugh and was a great jokester.  When I was about 11 years old my mom and I were visiting him and my grandmother and nonchalantly he removed his dentures when no one was looking.  He said something to my Mom and gave her a great big gummy smile and my Mom nearly fell out of her chair.  It was the funniest reaction I had ever seen.