Friday, September 5, 2014

Boston University Genealogy Essentials Program

I am always looking to expand my knowledge while at the same time work towards a rewarding end.  To keep with this theme I have enrolled in the Genealogy Essentials Program through Boston University.  I am using this course as both a time to build on the knowledge I already have of genealogical research and to also use it as a stepping stone in my ultimate goal of becoming a certified genealogist.

The course began on Tuesday and has four modules.  Each week a new module opens up.  This is a relatively  self paced coursed in the sense that I can work on the assignments when it is convenient for me, with the clear that each week the assignments have a set due date at the end of each week.

I'm loving it so far and while I didn't think I'd learn to much I didn't already know, I have learned a few things that will aid me as I continue to uncover the lives of those who walked before me!