Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday -- Masssara

This is the headstone of my step-great-grandparents Joseph and Adelina Massara.

Jospeh died long before I was born, but I was five years old when Adelina passed away one month after her 90th birthday.

I remember her being a very tiny women with little to no hair, who wore a bandanna on her head and didn't speak a word of English.  Although my step-father said she did speak English when he was growing up, but as she aged she reverted to speaking only in Italian.

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  1. Hi! My name is Andrea , I'm a young boy and I'm from Italy.
    I want to ask you a question.Did your Great-Grandmother's surname "Apostolo"?I woud like know it because my dad's Grandpa had a sister called Adele "Adelina Apostolo and she got married with Massara
    and they all together went to the USA in 1911.They lived in Ross,San Francisco.
    Best wiches
    Andrea Apostolo