Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

A couple days ago (July 13th to be exact) I found a genealogy blog The Olive Tree Genealogy written by Lorine McGinnis Schulze.  I spent about an hour reading various post and easily became hooked.

After reading several post I discovered another blog written by Lorine called Ask Olive Tree Genealogy.  Here her readers can email her questions and ask for assistance in their genealogy research.

I decided to ask Lorine for any tips and advice regarding research on my Great-Great-Grandfather Henry Arthur Bolton, who first immigrated to Canada before moving into the United States.  I have hit many brickwalls in my quest to find evidence of Henry in Canada and locating his arrival in the US.

After submitting my email request, I received an automated response email confirming my submission had been received at Ask Olive Tree Genealogy.  Below is what the email reponse stated......

"Thanks for submitting a genealogy question to AskOlive Tree!
I can't send a personal response but if your query is chosen, I will
answer it on my blog Ask Olive Tree at
Not all queries are chosen. I wish I could choose every one but the
number of questions makes that impossible.
Your query stands a better chance of being chosen if you follow a few
simple "Good Query" rules:
1. Make your query concise and to the point
3. Tell me WHERE you have searched already
4. Tell me exactly what you want to find
*** Please feel free to respond to this email and provide details if
you think you left them out the first time.
There are two ways to find out if or when your query is answered.
1. Watch for weekly updates on my Olive Tree Genealogy newsletter. You
will receive emails approximately once per week. To subscribe to this
free newsletter, go to
Follow the instructions given at that page.
2. Keep checking http://AskOliveTree.blogspot.com/ to see if your
query is posted. It can take weeks before you see it so don't give up.
Good luck and I wish you genealogical success!"

So with that I was ready to wait and see what would come of my request.

Then yesterday, I was reading through blogs I subscribe to via email, The Olive Tree Genealogy Blog being one of them and imagine my utter and excited surprise when I found the recent post was about my inquiry to Ask Olive Tree Genealogy!!!

Lorine gave me so many great tips on tracking down additional information on Henry Bolton, that I can't wait to dig in and see what I can find!! I will be keeping Lorine updated and I will be discussing my quest here at Telling Their Tales as well. 

If you are in search of another genealogy blog to follow, and have not already found Lorine's sites, I highly recommend them!!!!

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