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Monday Memories -- My Mom

Monday Memories is a weekly blogging feature here at Telling Their Tales.  The purpose of Monday Memories is to help genealogy bloggers to write down their personal history.  Each week a different topic will be offered to prompt your writing.

This weeks topic: Memories of your Mom
Next weeks topic: Memories of your Dad

When I was growing up I believed my mom was a super hero!  She was raising five children solely on her own, and was always there for each one of us.  I have so many memories of my mom that I could discuss, but what I want to focus on are the small things I remember… her hands are always so soft!!

I always loved holding my mom’s hand and feeling her soft skin next to mine.  My husband even once commented to me about how soft my mom’s hands were.

My mom loves to read!  When I was growing up, she always had a book with her no matter where we were.  In those days she loved true crime novels.  Nowadays she can still be seen with a book in hand no matter where she goes, but now she loves historical fiction.

Me & my Mom on my wedding day 6 September 1997

One of my favorite memories I have of spending time with my mom are when we would come home on a rainy day and just sit in the car and listen to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof of the car.  It was so peaceful.   I find myself doing this even today when I pull into my driveway on a rainy day.

My favorite meal my mom made when I was growing up was lasagna.  After my twins were born, she asked me what she could do to help me out and I immediately responded with “Make me your lasagna!”

For the most part, I remember my mom being a pretty laid back parent, but when she got angry, she really got angry!!  When she would point her finger at you, you KNEW you were in BIG trouble!  Her punishments ranged from a smack to being “grounded” to having a horrible cleaning chore like scrubbing toilets!

My mom was always someone I could talk to.  No subject was ever off limits and I never had to worry about her getting upset with me if I talked about sex or drugs or any other “adult” topic.

Today my Mom is my best friend!  We enjoy going to lunch together and having girls days out shopping.

Do you have a memory of your Mom you'd like to share?  Link up here if you do!

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