Saturday, April 16, 2011

Surname Saturday -- Things that make you go "Hmmm?"

About a year ago my mother and father-in-law asked me to do some genealogy research on their family lines.  I was excited to do so.

I started with the paternal line of my Father-in-law..............MARVIER.  I figured it was an unsual name and would be fairly easy to trace.........more so than GREEN anyway.

This is Tony Marvier, my husbands grandfather and my Father-in-laws Dad. 

Tony was an only child, who came to America from England in 1908 with his widowed mother, Julia.  He would marry Margaret O'Connell and have 5 children; 4 sons & a daughter.  Tony died from Parkinsons in 1968.

So, armed with the knowlegde provided by my father-in-law, I started working my way backwards in time.

First bit of information I discovered came from his WW1 Draft Record on which he states his name as Vivian A. Marvier.  Ok not so unusual, we though he was Anthony Vivian...names refeversed.

Then I found his immigration records for 1908...again name is Vivian Marvier.  Perfect!

Then I find he and his mother Julia Marvieron the 1901 England census for Camberwell.  Julia is a widow and Tony is listed as Vivian Marvier.

Armed with the location information from the 1901 census, I search for a birth record in 1899 of which I do find.......
He was not born Vivian Anthony MARVIER at all...he was born Vivian Anthony DUPONT!!  There was no father listed!!

I have searched high and low for any marriage information for a Julia Dupont, both in England and in Port-Louis in the Island of Mauritius which is where Julia was from.  Nothing!

I have asked family members and no one can recall a father's name, some think perhaps the father was Edward Marvier, but again I can find no information for an Edward Marvier.

So I am left with the mystery of where on earth did the MARVIER name come from?  And WHO was Tony's father??


  1. Hmm ... no guarantee that anyone else from your husband's line has been tested, but he might want to do the DNA thing - it just might turn up a Marvier relative.

  2. Well done on how far you have got so far, good luck, you never know one day you might find him..never say never x

  3. I had the same when researching my best friend's ancestors (her uncle married my aunt, so we're somehow connected anyway). Her father was supposedly the grandson of a Margaretha and a man named Den Boef and Margaretha later married another man named Pietjouw. I found out, however, that Margaretha's surname was Den Boef & that her son with the same surname was an illegitimate child. She later married the man named Pietjouw and had additional children with his surname.