Thursday, August 1, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday -- My First Family Tree

In the summer of 1991 I was visiting my Grandparents, Bart and Virginia Bestor, at their summer home in Lake Tahoe Nevada.

I had told my grandparents earlier in our visit that I was interested in learning about my family heritage.  On a Saturday morning my grandfather sat down with me and he drew out this family tree.  The notes on the tree are mine, but the written tree is what my Grandpa wrote.

This tree is my most prized genealogical possession.  Even after all the additional data and documents I have been able to discover over the last 22 years, none of it means more to me than this simple hand written tree.

What this tree represents for me is a very cherished memory of sitting at my grandparents dining table as they talked to me about their parents and their grandparents and all the stories they past on to me that special day.
My Grandpa past away in 2007 and I am incredible grateful to all the time he devoted to helping me trace his ancestors and all the stories he shared with me so I could ensure his family legacy continues.

It truly is a family treasure!


  1. That really is a wonderful family treasure!

  2. Smart! So many of us doing genealogy today regret never asking our grandparents about their parents.