Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surname Saturday -- Royse


My research focus this past week has been on my Royse ancestors.  Primarily the Royse family featured in the photograph below.

photo courtesy of Royse desendant Karen Williams
Front row sitting left to right:
Martha Royse, William Royse, Elizabeth Royse, Rachel Royse
Back Row standing Left to right: Allen Royse,James Royse, John Royse (directly behind Martha),
Henry Royse (directly behind William), (two girls behind Elizabeth..I don't know which is which) Nancy Royse and Susannah Royse, Elizabeth Royse and the young girl standing betweeen the two women sitting is Sara Royse
This photo was shared with me by the Great-Granddaughter of Martha Royse Depuy, Karen Williams.  Since receiving it I have been focused on discovering all I can on each person in the photo.

I was very lucky to find many members of this family featured in a book An Illustrated History of Umatilla and Morrow Counties by Colonel William Parsons and W.S. Shiach.  Featured in this history is John F. Royse, Nancy Royse Hardman Johnson, Rachel Royse Tash and William and Elizabeth Royse.

My Ancestral line to the Royse family is:

Hillary C. Green Marvier (1972-Living)

Theodore Stanley Green (1943-1973)
Sherri C Bestor Green Jewell (1945-Living)

Roman Nathaniel Green (1907-1947)
Ethel Talore Jenkins Green Guy (1912-1964)

David Henderson Jenkins (1858-1930)
Verlinda Ellen Hardman Jenkins (1870-1941)

David N. Hardman (1838-1893)
Nancy Royse Hardman Johnson (1850-1931)

William Royse (1816-1887)
Elizabeth White Royse (1819-????)

William Royse (1785-1834)
Martha McGuire Royse (1790-1834)

Frederick Royse (1750-1826)
Sarah Dewitt Royse (1754-1825)

After Fredrick the line gets a bit fuzzy and I need to do some further research before I can confirm going back further on this line.

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