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Surname Saturday -- Boisseau

Boisseau Ancestors
French Origin: Boisseau is a metonymic occupational name for a corn merchant or factor, one who measured grain. (Provided by

My first Boisseau ancestors can be found in Montreal, Canada in the late 1600’s.  There we find Pierre Boisseau.  It is believed Pierre was born in France in 1646.  In October 1670 Pierre married Anne Faubert, born 1649 in France.  Anne was a Fille du Roi, or King’s Daughter, which was the term given to all female orphans in France.  Pierre and Anne had two sons.  Pierre died in Montreal in 1699 and Anne died 1729.
            Children of Pierre and Anne Boisseau are:
1.     Antione Boisseau born 1680 in Montreal, Canada; Died 1754 Montreal, Canada
2.     Vincent Boisseau born in Montreal date unknown

Antoine Boisseau was born in 1680 in Montreal, Canada.  He married Angelique Bastien, a Native American woman, in Kaskaskia, Illinois.  They had two children.  Antoine died in 1754 at the family homestead in Montreal, Canada.
          *Notes:  Antoine Boisseau was the senior etait l’heritier, but he left the family before he was 20 years old either to be a soldier or a fur trader.  He was gone from Quebec for more than 30 years.  He can be found along the Mississippi River in Kaskaskia, Illinois where he married a native and had two children.  Antoine returned to Quebec with his son around 1734 and took possession of his family homestead, which had been under the care of his brother Vincent.
            Children of Antoine and Angelique Boisseau were:
1.     Antoine Boisseau born 1716, Kaskaskia, Illinois; Died1754 Vercheres, Canada
2.     Therese Boisseau born in Kaskaskia, Illinois; Died in the Mississippi Region date unknown; married Francois Belot 16 Feb 1727 at Fort Chartres, Illinois.

Antoine Boisseau was born in 1716 in Kaskaskia, Illinois.  On 13 Feb 1741 he married Marie-Judith Gregoire-Vanentin, daughter of Julien & Francoise Deserre, in Vercheres, Canada.  They had three known children.
          Notes: In the spring of 1754 it is believed disease hit the family as Antoine senior, Antoine Jr. and two of Antoine Jr’s daughter all die.
            Children of Antoine and Marie-Judith Boisseau were:
1.     Antoine Boisseau born 1741 in Vercheres, Canada; Died 1782 Vercheres, Canada
2.     Daughter born date unknown; Died spring 1754, Vercheres, Canada
3.     Daughter born date unknown; Died spring 1754, Vercheres, Canada

Antoine Boisseau was born in 1741 in Vercheres, Canada.  On 25 Jan 1762 he married Marie-Anne Guertin, daughter of Francois-Xavier & Elisabeth Charron.  They had a total of 15 children; two sons and four daughters got married.
          Children of Antoine and Marie-Anne Boisseau were: (note: only confirmed children listed)
1.     Vincent Boisseau born 1768 Vercheres, Canada; Died date unknown
2.     Louis-Francois Boisseau born 1771 Vercheres, Canada; Died date unknown, Chambly, Quebec, Canada

Louis Boisseau was born in 1771 in Vercheres, Canada.  On 28 Oct 1793 he married Elisabeth Werry-Allard in St. Antoine sur le Richelieu.  It is unknown when he and Elisabeth died. 
          Child of Louis and Elisabeth Boisseau was:
1.     Josette Boisseau born 1798 Chambly, Quebec, Canada; Died 1870 St. Anne, Illinois

Josette Boisseau was born in 1798 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.  On 25 Nov 1816 she married Francois Chartier, son of Antoine Chartier and Marie-Angelique Veronneau.  They had 14 children.  Josette died in 1870 in St. Anne, Illinois.
          Children of Josette and Francois Chartier were:
1.             Marie-Josette Chartier born 24 Sep 1818 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
2.             Francois Chartier born 20 Feb 1820 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
3.             Louis Chartier baptized 18 Jun 1822 (age 3 months) Chambly, Quebec, Canada; Died 2 Jun 1880 Kankakee, Illinois
4.             Virginie Chartier born 4 Feb 1824 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
5.             Leocadie Chartier born 14 Oct 1825 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
6.             Etienne-Timothee Chartier born 22 Jun 1827 Chambly, Quebec Canada
7.             Rosalie Chartier born 4 Feb 1830 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
8.             Augustin-Timothee Chartier born 19 May 1832 Chambly, Quebec
9.             Joseph-Leandre Chartier born 26 Sep 1833 Chambly, Quebec, Canada; Died 11 Jun 1883 Miltonville, Kansas
10.          Jean Baptiste-Isreal Chartier born 5 Sep 1835 Chambly, Quebec, Canada; Died 4 Nov 1866 Kankakee, Illinois
11.          Genevieve-Philomene Chartier born 3 Oct 1837 Chambly, Quebec, Canada; Died 9 Jun 1880 Kankakee, Illinois
12.          Moise Chartier born 15 Apr 1840 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
13.          Marie-Anne-Ermelinde Chartier born 1 May 1842 Chambly, Quebec, Canada
14.          Raphael Theode Chartier b 17 Jan 1845 L”Acadie, Quebec, Canada; Died 13 Dec 1903 New York, New York

Genevieve-Philomene Chartier was born 3 Oct 1937 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.  She married Jean-Baptiste Cyrier 2 Feb 1857 in Bourbonnais, Illinois.  He  was born 1838 in Comte St.Jean, Quebec, Canada, son of  Noel Cyrier and Josette-Louise Toupin. Jean-Baptiste (AKA John B.) died 1 Jun 1876 at age 38 years in Otto Township, Illinois. He is buried in St. Jacque de laBend near Irwin, Illinois.  Genevieve-Philomene (AKA Fanny) died 9 Jun 1880 at age 42 years in Kankakee, Illinois.  She is buried in Kankakee.
Children of Jean-Baptiste and Genevieve-Philomene are:
1.             Philomene Matilde Cyrier “Matilda” born 18 Nov 1857 Bourbonnais, Illinois; died 1867 age 10 years
2.             Jean-Baptiste Alfred Cyrier “Freddie” born 19 May 1859 Bourbonnais, Illinois; died 1871 age 12 years in Otto Township, Illinois
3.             Josephine Louise Victorie Cyrier “Victoria” born 15 Apr 1860 Bourbonnais, Illinois; Died 1868 age 8 years Bourbonnais, Illinois
4.             Marie Adele Victorie Cyrier “Delphas” born 14 Nov 1861 Manteno, Illinois; Died in infancy
5.             Louis George Cyrier “George” born 22 Dec 1862 Manteno, Illinois; Died after 1906 Indiana
6.             Henri Amedee Cyrier “Medie” born 30 Aug 1964 Manteno, Illinois; Died 4 Sep 1930 Lonoke, Arkansas
7.             Marie Cerio Georgeanna Cyrier “Georgia” born 21 Oct 1866 Manteno, Illinois; Died 1905 Otto Township, Illinois
8.             Joseph Lucien Cyrier “L.J.” or “Lucien” born 24 Aug 1868 Manteno, Illinois; Died 8 Sep 1913 Ottawa, Illinois
9.             Jean-Baptiste Joseph Edward Cyrier “Edward” born 9 May 1874 Otto, Illinois; Died after 1906 Manteno, Illinois
10.          Matilda Victoria Cyrier “Victoria” born 23 Nov 1876 Otto Township, Illinois; Died after 1906 Los Angelas, California
11.          UnNamed Infant birt unknown

Henri Amedee Cyrier was born 30 Aug 1864 in Manteno, Illinois.  He Married Marguerite Delia Savoie 11 Sep 1888 in Bourbonnais, Illinois.  She was born 12 May 1868 in Bourbonnais, Illinois, daughter of Maxime Savoie and Agathe LaFontaine.  Henri died 4 Sep 1930 at age 66 years in Lonoke, Arkansas.  Marguerite Delia died 8 Apr 1936 at age----in Lonoke, Arkansas.  Henri and Delia are buried together at Carlisle Cemetary in Lonoke Arkansas.
          Children of Henri and Delia are:
1.             Harriet Agatha Cyrier “Hattie” born 12 Sep 1889 Deselm, Illinois; died 19 December 1944 Kankakee, Illinois
2.             Irene Cyrier born Jul 1893 Illinois; Died ----
3.             George Dewey Cyrier “Dewey” born 30 May 1898 Illinois; Died 15 Oct 1967 Lonoke, Arkansas
4.             Annette Cyrier born 1901 Illinois; Died ----
5.             Doreen Cyrier born 1905 Illinois; Died -----

Harriet Agatha Cyrier was born 12 September 1889 in Deselm, Illinois.  She married Donald Hubbard Bestor 12 Sep 1908 in Kankakee, Illinois at St.Roses Church. He was born 23 Sep 1889 in Lanford, South Dakota, son of Robert Bestor and Carrie Hubbard.  Their marriage ended in divorce 20 Feb 1925.  Hattie married Joseph C. Catton 1928 in Topeka, Kansas. Hattie died 19 Dec 1944 at age 54 in Kankakee, Illinois.  Don Bestor died Jan 1970 in Wisconsin.  Death of Joe Catton is unknown.
          Children of Hattie and Don Are:

1.             Bartley Roger Bestor “Bart” born 15 Aug 1921 Kankakee, Illinois; Died 26 May 2007 Sun City, Arizona

I am the Granddaughter of Bartley Bestor.

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