Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Tip -- Historyline.com

I recently learned about a new site that has launched called HistoryLines via Randy Seaver over at Geneamusings.  You can read Randy's post here.

I decided after reading Randy's post, to jump on over to HistoryLines and play around myself.  You can create a free account and create two stories for free.  After creating a story for myself and for my father, and having great fun doing so, I decided to sign-up for the one year subscription with unlimited stories for $59.00.

Here is my Dad's Story.

As I scroll down the screen I see both world events, local events and personal events that took place during my Dad's life time.

For me this is a very useful tool to have at my disposal!  I have been working on writing my family history and this tool offers that added touch I've been wanting to implement in my book.  I want not just names and dates in my family history, but also detailed mention of historical events that had an impact on each of my ancestors.  While I will never know for certain the thoughts and feelings of my ancestors on such historical events, with HistoryLines I can get a pretty good idea of society in their time.

For my own personal story, I like that I can edit each historical event provided by HistoryLines and add my own thoughts, feelings and memories of each event and how it truly impacted my life at the time.  

HistoryLines will certainly help me to create the family history book that I have longed to do with ease.  I highly recommend this tool to any genealogist interested in more than just names and dates!

*I was not approached by HistoryLines for this review and was not provided any compensation by any parties mentioned.

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